Incontinence. Case management.

Photo reference: Incontinence. Photo by Serguei Kisselev in May 2022.

This is a case which I would like to share with you.

A 76-year-old lady with a very complex medical history and very advanced loss of bladder control. According to her own assessment of her condition from 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, she gave herself an 11 (eleven).

In her words, she knows all the toilets in her town, always plans her trip according to toilet locations because when she needs to go, she must go to the toilet immediately without any delays.


Both the patient and myself were not very positive in predicting her significant improvement after the initial CURE course of incontinence management. A lot of underlying problems such as age, not very well-controlled diabetes, polypharmacy, obesity, low back problems etc., were not very positive predicting factors.

Everything was explained, including indications and contraindications (none) of the procedure, possible unlikely adverse effects, and of course possible benefits of the treatment. The patient had nothing to lose, and she undertook a 10-procedure course of CURE management for incontinence.

Patient was able to regulate the level of simulation and comfortably positioned the PBM (laser) device under the supervision of a nurse. All 10 sessions went comfortably and uneventfully.

She was absolutely fascinated by the result. She stated that she can control her bladder almost as normal. She does not need to rush to the toilet but can walk there comfortably and wait, if necessary, without fear of leaking urine uncontrollably. She almost restored her social life and enjoys her city walks as before. She rated her problem after the course as 2 out of 10.

Three months later, her progress had declined to some degree, but she regained her bladder control after the second course of the CURE program.