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Lifestyle Services

Whether your aim is to get back to work or reduce pain, our clinics are purposely set up and staffed to assist this process. CURE (Complex Unified Rehabilitation and Exercise) method was specifically developed with your unique needs in mind.

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Back to Activities Management


Through proper diagnosis, our experienced staff will carefully put together a recovery plan to assist in getting you back to your daily activities. We use the latest in technology and the pool of specialist knowledge to manage this process

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Pain Managment


Our experienced medical staff are trained in the area of pain management through the use of latest technology, such as laser, electro and prolo therapy. Our view in pain management is to explore conservative approach before the drug prescription route.

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Chronic Disease Management


We constantly aim to be at the forefront of chronic disease management. Our clinics achieve this through regular training and knowledge exchange programs that we have in place. We stay connected to the latest news and research, as well as investing heavily in modern technology, just to make sure our patients have the best care possible.